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The NYS Home Visiting Coordination Initiative (HVCI) is committed to bringing parent voice to our work in an inclusive, intentional way. 

The HVCI has asked Backbone Organizations (BBOs) to include parents and other caregivers in regional team discussions. 

The HVCI convened an advisory group twice in 2021 to answer two questions: 

1. What should universally-offered home visiting look like in NYS?

2. What should a home visiting public education campaign look like? 

Both of these questions relate back to the recommendations included in the HVCI Final Report of 2020. HVCI staff want to hear from parents currently involved in a home visiting program, formerly involved in a program,  and those who are/were eligible but declined to participate. We want to hear and better understand both reasons for participating and reasons for not participating. We also want to know what messaging resonates with parents to encourage participation in programs.  


Meetings were held during evening hours for parents’ convenience. Gift cards were provided to thank participants for taking the time out of their busy schedules to participate. This group may continue to  meet periodically, depending on interest.

Parent/Caregiver Engagement

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